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    Hello, my name is Anthony Gaudino. I make handmade functional ware fired in small batches along side one-of-kind vessels for daily and ritualistic use.  I grew up in the Pacific Northwest exploring the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges. I began studying ceramics in 2001, and in 2004 I travelled to Turkey as part of a ceramic exchange and symposium which had a huge impact on my work and outlook at life. After traveling to historical ceramic centers throughout parts of Asia, I became heavily influenced by Japanese, Korean and Chinese ceramic traditions. 
    While I still continue to work with gas (reduction atmosphere) and electric (oxidizing atmosphere) kilns I was instantly captured and intrigued by atmospheric firing. 
    The vessels we use for ceremony and the domestic forms that accompany our daily routines and rituals interest me the most as a maker. I am continually intrigued on how we relate and interact with these objects. I believe the meditative qualities of form have the ability to connect us all. The common vessels of daily ritual and ceremony can evoke much that is sometimes inexpressible about our connections. Through the use of handmade objects the mundane rituals of daily life are enriched.

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